Prospects for collaboration between a Public Library and a Hospital Library, through a "movement" of librarians working in a hospital library to "approach" and satisfy the reading needs of patients admitted to their hospital, providing them with books of poetry, literature, history, etc. What is the value of this initiative, but also what kind of problems may arise?
Dr. Eleni Semertzidou

The hospital library is for the hospital the most important department for the provision of documented information and the development of procedures and services in order to meet its staff’s needs for documented information. However, the material of a hospital library does not cover the reading needs of patients who either are hospitalized or undergo time-consuming examinations in the hospital. Within this context, a hospital library should look for different ways to meet the patients’ needs by offering them material beyond the purely scientific that it already has. One perspective is the collaboration of such a library with a public library. This collaboration will be able to supply patients with the appropriate reading, entertainment material.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v8n2a1