The Effect of Library Security on Service Delivery in Federal University Lafia, Library- Nigeria
Dr. Suleiman Musa, Dr. Faga, Asom, Ejeh, Daniel Matthew

Security is an important and complex challenge in contemporary societies. This study on library security and service delivery in Federal University Lafia Library dwels on the types of security apparatus adopted by the Library, the challenges associated with the implementation of library security for effective service delivery as well as the remedies to these challenges were investigated. The descriptive survey design was used for the study. The population of the study comprised 16 library staff and 491 registered students. Findings revealed that of all the security aparatus identified by the researcher such as surveillance cameras, radio frequency identification, panic alarms, perimeter alarm system, door intrusion alarms, nexpak/amaray secure cases, alpha security cases or extreme-pac cases, clear-vu one- time and em security tags, the library did not adopt any of them. In addition, it was discovered that poor budgeting /inadequate funding of the library, inadequate staff/personnel, epileptic/erratic power supply to implement electronic security, lack of institutional security policy, among others were some of the challenges faced by the library in the area of security of library materials. the results however points out that the strategies to enhance the implementation of library security are; improve funding of university libraries, employ more staff in the library, there should be security policy for the library among others. from the findings, the following recommendations among others were made : the federal government can help in the provision and installation of electronic security systems in the libraries to further boost the security system. adequate funds should be made available to the university libraries by the institution to provide for effective security system and facilities to safeguard the library resources, as well as the users property the university libraries need to develop workable security policy and disaster management plan, which should be made available to staff and fully implemented for effective library security management.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v7n1a6