Revisiting the Anthology of Literatures on the Rise of Medical Libraries across Time and Space
William Taala, RL, MLS; Filoteo B. Franco, RL, MLS

Medical information is generally stored in medical libraries serving as repository of scientific studies for health benefits. This study is centered on revisiting the anthology of literature on the rise of medical libraries across time and space. The study argues that the field of medical libraries grew in series of time and various spaces across region of the world. The study adopted the qualitative design to look into the historical development of medical libraries across time and space with emphasis on the deductive method from the global, regional to local perspectives. It deals on exploration, description, and interpretation of events and abstract concepts on the rise of medical library brought by technology. The study also pointed the role of Saudi Arabia in the field of Medical Library services that is substantially improving due to government funding and as aided by latest technology envisioning Saudi Arabia as a major power house in medical research in the future.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v7n1a3