Effects of Library Orientation on Library Use in Two Academic Libraries in Gashu’a, Yobe State, Nigeria
Aminu Manuwa, Bukola Agboola, Baba S. Aduku

This study investigated the effectsof library orientation on library use in two academic libraries using Federal University Gashu’a (FUGA) library and College of Education Gashu’a (COEGA) library. Library Orientation (LO) is one of the core activity or programme of the academic libraries that entails educating, enlightening, guiding and helping the users to identify, understand and utilize the library information resources and services effectively.To achieve the purpose of this research, the study was guided by two (2) objectives, three (3) research questions and five (5) commendations. The survey research design was adopted for the study and data was gathered through the instrument of a questionnaire. Sixty (60) copies of the questionnaire were randomly distributed for equal representative of students across the institutions. Data were analyzed usingfrequency and percentages. The study concludes that since the library occupies a central place in the achievement of any academic institutions goals and objectives, and this has made library orientation indispensible in the student’s achievements and performances, adequate resources should be provided to the programme to ensure that its aims and objectives are realized based on the findings of the study.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v6n2a5