El redimensionamiento curricularen la Carrera Licenciatura en Bibliotecología y Ciencias de la Información en la Universidad Técnica de Manabí
PhD. Martha Cecilia Escobar García, PhD. Rafael Lorenzo Martín

The content of the articleis part of the theoretical-methodological foundation and the specificproposal of the curricular redesign of the degree Bachelor in Librarianship and Information Sciences at the Technical University of Manabí, Ecuador. The analysis focuses on the socio-educational, didactic-curricular and attitudinal-professional dimensions as a starting point for the elaboration of the theoretical construct contributed by the authors, as well as the formulation of a principle that reorients this contribution from the novelty of making it relevant and contextualized. The argumentation of the sedimensions constitutes the objective of the present work.

Full Text: PDF DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v5n1_2a4