The Evolution of the Intragastric Balloon Use in Obese People according to a Bibliometric Study of the Articles Published from 1980 to 2017
Eleni Semertzidou

Obesity is associated with a number of serious and chronic diseases. The use of intragastric balloon offers an alternative choice to obese people who wish to lose weight without undergoing a bariatric surgery. It is a technique with a 30 year history that began to regain the scientific interest. According to the present bibliometric study of the articles published during 1980-2017, 157 journals showed interest and published 500 relevant articles. Obesity Surgery has the largest influence on the topic, as it has published numerous articles of high importance. The number of publications on intragastric balloon gradually increased over the past decade, showing that there is a lot of discussion about this technique and its benefits.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v5n1_2a3