Cartera De Servicios De Información Para La Biblioteca Central “Dr. Alejandro Muñoz Dávila” De La Universidad Técnica De Manabí
Dr. Edison Zambrano Cedeño, Ricardo Jorge Córdova Sánchez, Lic. María Fernanda Joza Vera

The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of a Portfolio Information Services Central Library "Dr. Alejandro Muñoz Davila "of the Technical University of Manabí to ensure the satisfaction of the information of those who visit needs, knowing that higher education institutions in the country have started providing their users a quality care, where libraries, for the impact within the university community, they are essential part of care with respect to permanent and continuous improvement of the service offered to the community. The methodology used is descriptive. Use of documentary analysis on the theoretical review and the historical and logical method in the organization of ideas is made. Conclusions are described highlighting the feasibility of having a portfolio of services that facilitate the processes of changes to its organizational direction, given that currently must meet a set of processes, policies and strategies that help optimize services information will then be used by users. Keywords: Portfolio information services, organization, library users.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v4n2a5