Plan de marketing para la difusión de los servicios bibliotecarios de la Unidad Educativa Fiscal “24 de Mayo”, Portoviejo - Ecuador
Lic. Lila María Saltos Catagua, Martha Elizabeth Pibaque Alcívar, Mg. María de los Angeles Ormaza Pincay, Dr. Juan Carlos Morales Intriago

This article aims to design and implement a marketing plan for the dissemination of library services in Fiscal Education Unit "24 de Mayo" Portoviejo. As background is considered the concept of use of the library as a transversal support for the process of teaching and learning, based on previous studies demonstrating that libraries provide students with skills that allow them to function throughout their academic and professional life. In this scenario the library is challenged to innovate and choose strategies to achieve them dynamism, experience transformations that lead to providing products and information services that encourage the students' interest in reading, research, and generating new information. The methodology is qualitative and descriptive cuantitaiva supported and document review on successful experiences in Europe and Latin America Marketing application as a tool for dissemination of technical information services. From the data obtained the need to implement an intervention plan using the tics to position the Library of the Educational Unit "24 de Mayo" as a learning resource center comes integrated into the curriculum.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v4n2a4