Mitigating and Dealing with Disasters: The Task of the Newly Employed Information Manager in Knowledge Preservation
Abonyo, J. A.

The growing volume of literature in library disasters preparedness and management has in the past two decades majorly concerned with the need to protect education materials in the web. Yet despite the delight in online materials and the ease with which materials can be retrieved, library users still crave for print journal copies. This paper argues that we still have a big proportion of library users who rely on the traditional library for their research needs, and hence time is not yet for researchers exploring the question of mitigating and dealing with library disasters to abandon research on protecting the physical library. The paper highlights the features of both the physical and digital libraries, the notable library disasters around the world in modern history and also explores the role of the modern librarian in mitigating and dealing with library disasters. The paper concludes that it is important that sites offering training on either preservation of physical library or digital library, to emphasize on both aspects.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v4n1a7