Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) Their Impact on the Full Quality in Higher Education Institutions "Rwaq: Saudi educational platform for MOOC”
Dr. Souhem Badi, Dr. Manal Elsayed Ahmed Ali

Educational University Institutions have an extraordinary timely opportunity to improve the quality of education in diverse countries, to absorb the additional numbers of students and reduce the cost in the educational process without the need for high financial investments. This can now be achieved by attending the worldwide movement of Openness, which is taken up, in its various forms, by many universities in different places all over the world; among which the presentation of educational programs directly on the Internet. This growth has its impact strength in changing traditional education process that is carried out face-toface to modern education programs; which has become one of the rapid growths in computing because of its effectiveness. Educational University Institutions consider knowledge and learning is everyone’s right and to achieve better standards in learning, it has been put up one of the new types of e-learning embodied in Massive Open Online Courses”(MOOC) to anyone seeking information and learning with the collaboration of the best and the most experienced teachers in this field using the latest technologies. The MOOC, thus, is a new method that enables thousands of students of learning at distance for free in the best universities of the world a new method that enables thousands of students of learning at distance for free in the best universities of the world, through the enormous potential offered by the Internet. We have that future trends are for education over the Internet , and the ability of this type of Electronic -learning to bring about the desired change in the minds to keep pace with the developments of the times, there are Arab platforms for education from home or from anywhere through the Internet are that become now available for Arab youth, strives to compensate for the problems of education in Arab universities, though these platforms or experiences in the beginning and in progress but they gave till now, confirms that these are experiences of being worthy of highlighting them.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v4n1a6