Analytical Approach to Effective Marketing of Library and Information Products and Services in Academic Libraries
Busari, Ismail Taiwo; Ayankola, Ibrahim Ayandare; Ladipo, Sunday Olusola

This paper attempts a conceptual analysis of relationship between marketing as a strategy, and academic library as an information service provision centre. Marketing has a wider and deeper implication as it is applicable to not only profit making ventures but also not – for – profit social service oriented institutions such as libraries. The main concern or goal of libraries is user satisfaction of their products and services which marketing helps to advance. The paper, therefore, critically views the adoption of marketing techniques as a necessity to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of academic library services by offering products which would be wanted and valued by users so as to attract more and more users. With this, the public image of the academic library as an intellectual centre is likely to be boosted. All the attendant benefits of marketing in library operation especially on cost recovery and revenue generation for academic libraries are explored.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v3n2a8