Non-impact of Open Access on Algerian Academic Libraries: A comparative analysis study between Constantine University 1 and 2.
Dr. Mohamed Salah Nabti, Nadhira Achouri

The objective of this analysis study is interpreting the obstacles facing the Open Access project application in Algerian academic libraries. This tendency is a challenge for today’s librarians; consequently, we have chosen the University of Constantine 1 and 2 as a model in order to get results that clarify the non- impact of Open Access. The study employed comparative analytical survey conduct, which is the appropriate approach for confirming or rejecting our starting assumption; we relied on a detailed questionnaire to collect data, interpret results. The survey revealed that there is no significant impact of open access on the Algerian local libraries studied, due to the most crucial difficulties which are: absence of open access policy, technological infrastructure also appropriate training programs. As a result, it is obvious that librarians are far away from putting into practice the open access project. But they express their awareness about it. The study clarifies the open access situation for the stakeholders in both universities. In order to take the suitable procedures for supporting this tendency and making it reachable.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v3n2a1