Collection and Preservation of Traditional Medical Knowledge: Roles for Medical Libraries in Nigeria
Ebele N. Anyaoku, Obianuju E. Nwafor-Orizu, Ebere A. Eneh

Traditional medical practices have safeguarded the health of indigenous communities for generations. There is a consensus on the gradual extinction of indigenous knowledge including Traditional medical knowledge (TMK). The consequences are that vital knowledge that might contribute to the future survival of man and animals are gradually being lost. It is therefore imperative to preserve this knowledge and save them for the future generations. The paper highlights the role of medical libraries in the preservation of TMK. The paper recommends that as a duty to the people’s collective indigenous knowledge heritage, medical libraries in Nigeria as a matter of priority, should develop inclusive policies that support collection development of TMK information resources. If this is done, medical libraries will help not just to preserve this knowledge but increase safe use of traditional medicine products.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v3n1a2