Staff Development and Training on Turnover Pattern and Retention in Academic Libraries of Ethiopian Universities
Lawrence Abraham Gojeh, Ammanuel Ayde, Ayenew Fantahun

This paper is on staff development and training on turnover pattern and retention in public and private academic libraries of Ethiopian Universities. Cross-sectional and document analysis research methods were employed. Sampling techniques was cluster, purposive and proportional; with particular reference to quota sampling in the case of the sample sizes of both concerned 7 universities as well as 315 participants. Data collections were through questionnaires and document analysis, while descriptive and inferential statistics were used. The results showed that staff development and training policy exist in the academic libraries of Ethiopian universities but do not differ significantly among the public and private academic libraries in the country. Participants agreed and strongly agreed that lack of career staff development and lack of staff training for library staff respectively could influence turnover pattern and retention of staff in the academic. But ANOVA test was statistically significant among the public and private Ethiopian universities at F = 2.771 and p = .019; with a Post-hoc Scheffes test mean difference of MD =1.899*, p = 0.041 less than the pvalue of 0.05.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v3n1a1