An Outline of User Education in The Indian Academic Milieu: A Literature Review
H Nayana, Dr. T. A. Mohan

A literature review allows us to get a complete view and evaluation of all accessible material on a specific subject. Because they allow single part of the research to be viewed in the context of others, literature reviews are often more valuable to all researchers than individual pieces of study. This article explains how and why reviews of literature are such an important tool for researchers. The benefits of conducting a literature review are also discussed. The review of literature of library materials, services, user education, and information seeking behaviour in the context of the ICT environment has been prioritised. Professionals in the fields of library, information science, and behavioural science will benefit from this literature review article. Academic libraries have seen substantial changes as a result of Information and communication technology is rapidly evolving the internet, in particular, and the growing emergence of user education methodologies and strategies, such as modern information literacy efforts, are two examples. As a result of these significant developments, Indian academic librarians should deal with instructional practices more effectively and efficiently. The fundamental goal of this study is towards comprehend the idea of "user education" in the framework of the local environment, as well as current practices in college libraries. Furthermore, the goal of this research is to better understand the issues, obstacles, and possible new opportunities for user education in Indian college libraries

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jlis.v10n1a2